I am going to do a series of emarketing mistakes. Around 10, but they are still in process.

Internet retailing is no longer a passing fad. In order to stay on top, etailers must learn how to effectively pull in not only new visitors but qualified, paying customers, as well. Search engine marketing has proven to be an extremely successful and effective means of achieving online sales growth, but not all etailers know how to properly execute their search engine marketing campaigns.

Number Uno. No Search Marketing Strategy - To many this may seem very obvious, but all too often companies barely have a specific budget line item for search engine marketing let alone a strategy. It is one of those items where you need to be reminded. Here is your reminder!!! Is the strategy to target certain terms for high natural (also called organic) search engine rankings and to buy visibility for the others with pay-per-click listings? Or is it to identify high-cost PPC terms and target those for SEO? What means of measuring ad-cost-to-sales will be implemented, and is this tool an end-to-end solution? And is there a realistic timeline associated with achieving these goals? Before spending time or money, put together a solid plan. Remember to plan ahead, as it takes quite awhile to move up in search engines, but buying PPC does not take that much time. Your time is best spent in researching.

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