Website content is King - just check our Koozie site

Content is King How to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL? I know it seems obvious, but getting good content is very important. Content is described as the text on the web page. Google does not care about pretty graphics. - Content is King.

Look at web pages that have high Google rankings. Invariably, (and there are exceptions) they have a lot of words. I recommend a minimum of about 500 words in your body on your main page. Make sure you use your key words, and make sure you use them early in the body. In other words they count for more than at the end of the body of the page.

Your content should be easy to understand and in plain English. Make sure your grammar is acceptable and there are no misspellings.

Check Kustom Koozies for a site that seems to have a lot of words on the main page, but it ranks #1 in Google for it's keywords. A rewrite of the site might make sense from a pure English point of view, but from a Search Engine Optimization point of view it does great. The word Koozie, Coozie and various forms of the word Koozie is there quite frequently.

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