Affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Affordable Search Engine Optimization? Is that possible? The answer is yes. But the fear is if it is too inexpensive, is there any real value there. There are many offers on the internet right now. "$99.00 for guaranteed #1 in Google". Lets do a little myth busting here. When you contact them and give them the key word phrases you want, they will offer other easier keywords. You ask for Real Estate Miami Beach. They will tell you you are better off with "dade county 1 week rentals". Heres the deal. They can probably get you a page 1 in Google for "dade county 1 week rentals" as it is much easier.

An ethical Search Engine Optimization firm will tell you that it can be done, but will require a lot of on page optimization and an aggressive off page optimization plan. It will not be inexpensive and it will take a lot of work.

That being said, we offer a $250.00 package. What is up with that? For that package, we tell you how to do it, and you do it. Big difference there. So we are able to offer you affordable search engine optimization.

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