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We are a Raleigh Search Engine Optimization Service or (SEO)service that helps the process of setting up web pages so that they will get premium rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.  The impact of premium (page 1) rankings can be life changing.  I have witnessed how much an impact a top ranking can do to a company's bottom line.  Imagine being #1 on your key words and how much business that could translate into, and the impact that can have on your company's bottom line.  That is our goal. -- And we can do it.  Many of our customers are #1 and most are at least on page 1 for their key words.  FYI  key words are the words that you key in as search terms.

First things First.  Why the name Dockside Marketing?  We came up with the concept of providing this service while sitting on the dock of the lake, and plan to spend as much time in our life sitting on a dock.  Sound good to you?  

Regional Optimization Experts.

We will take your site and rank it on the first page in Google for your region. Are you a landscaper? Do you want to rank on page 1 for Raleigh Landscaping Service? We can do that.

You want to know

Excellent Questions, and here are the answers.
  • 1. Our fee is fixed. We charge $500.00 per month for the first 6 months, $400.00 per month for 3 months, then $300.00 per month ongoing, and do a one year commitment. You will not want to stop.
  • 2. Depending on your site, approximately 4 months. We will tell you more definitely once we know your keywords and your site. Some are harder than others.
  • 3. Tremendous. Don't think your competitors are not working hard to be there.
  • We give you a monthly report on how what we are doing, we give you access 24/7 to all the traffic results. We will upon request, give you satisfied customers who are ranked on Page 1 of Google right now, and are reaping the results.

    Just click on the chat button below and ask us right now? We hope to be your Raleigh Search Engine Optimization Service.

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